1. Same

  2. Make Punk Rock Great Again
    Peter And The Berlin Blackouts

  3. Pleasure Island

  4. Sauerkrank / Opupo 4
    Les Hatepinks

  5. Live At The 100 Club
    Guitar Gangsters

  6. Fixated

  7. Volume 2
    Nerve Button

  8. Bonehouse Rendezvous (repress)
    Berlin Blackouts

  9. Same

  10. Bone Saw

  11. Click
    The Ratboys

  12. I Don´t Want You

  13. Out The Gate
    Phone Jerks

  14. Blame It On The Satellite
    More Kicks

  15. Same

  16. B-Side
    Not The Ones

  17. Same
    More Kicks

  18. Cheatin Heart
    Nico Bones

  19. Nastygram Sedition
    Berlin Blackouts

  20. Automatic/ Here Comes The Darkness
    Los Pepes

  21. You Know I Can´t Say No
    Suspect Parts

  22. Being Stupid
    Guitar Gangsters

  23. Positive Negative
    Los Pepes

  24. I´m On The Brink
    More Kicks

  25. Top 10 Super Hits!
    The Wheelz

  26. Dead Romance
    Burger Weekends

  27. Straight To Your Heart
    Nasty Rumours

  28. Street Values LP
    Idol Lips

  29. More Reactions EP
    Jet Reactions

  30. Gag On This - The Complete Singles
    The Gaggers

  31. Rip You Apart
    The Gaggers

  32. Sticky-Sick Zero-Six LP
    La Flingue

  33. TLC
    Not The Ones

  34. Singles
    Nasty Rumours

  35. Tales From The Heart

  36. Nasty Business
    Botox Rats

  37. Put ´Em Up
    Channel 3

  38. Sex & Money
    Guitar Gangsters

  39. Back From The Nod
    Nazi Dogs

  40. Daytime Man

  41. Let´s Go
    Los Pepes

  42. Kissed By The Gutter
    Berlin Blackouts

  43. Celebrate The End
    Radio Dead Ones

  44. Flat Broke
    The Not Amused

  45. Just A Bad Mood
    Not The Ones

  46. All We Wanna Do Is Rock´N´Roll
    Erotic Devices

  47. Same
    The Escalator Haters

  48. Same
    Nerve Button

  49. All Over Now
    Los Pepes

  50. Eklig LP

  51. Night Of The Lizard! LP
    Spit Pink

  52. Same LP
    Les Suzards

  53. Piss-Tape Zero-Quatre 12"
    La Flingue

  54. Pull The Plug LP (Teaser)
    The Bloodtypes

  55. A Home For The Homeless LP (Teaser)
    Channel 3

  56. Alright Girl/ Spying On Me EP
    Cold Callers

  57. Dilemma EP
    Nasty Rumours

  58. Fat Mutation LP (Teaser)
    Burger Weekends

  59. Aftershow EP
    Guitar Gangsters

  60. Bonehouse Rendezvous LP
    Berlin Blackouts

  61. And I Know/ Say Goodbye EP
    Los Pepes

  62. Split EP
    Nazi Dogs/ 7er Jungs

  63. Animalistik
    Stalin Video

  64. Boring LP (Teraser)

  65. Frustration LP (Teaser)
    The Outcasts

  66. Girls In Love/ Barbwire Heart EP
    Nasty Rumours

  67. The Difficult Second Album LP (Teaser)
    Duncan Reid And The Big Heads

  68. Los Pepes For Everyone LP (Teaser)
    Los Pepes

  69. Recent Affairs LP (Teaser)
    The Ricky C Quartet

  70. In A Box EP (Teaser)
    Not The Ones

  71. Same EP
    Latex Squad

  72. I Miss You EP (Teaser)
    The Ricky C Quartet

  73. Blame You LP (Teaser)
    The Gaggers

  74. Living In Sin EP
    Prima Donna

  75. Tonight EP
    Los Pepes

  76. Schuhicide

  77. Can´t Express EP
    Dime Runner

  78. In Deren Knast EP

  79. Music For Maniacs LP

  80. Saigon Shakes EP
    The Nazi Dogs

  81. Split EP
    Missrata/ Teenage Love Guns

  82. Allies LP (Teaser)
    Kevin K & the Kool Kats

  83. What´s Inside You!? LP (Teaser)
    2nd District

  84. No SOS EP
    Los Pepes

  85. Rip You Off LP (Teaser)
    The Gaggers

  86. Sweet Revenge EP
    The Ricky C Quartet

  87. Tell-Tale Heart 10" (Teaser)
    Die Hitchhikers

  88. Weight Of The World LP (Teaser)
    Social Distrust

  89. Same 12" (Teaser)
    The Ricky C Quartet

  90. Same EP

  91. Bless This Mess LP (Teaser)
    Prima Donna

  92. Minimal Play LP (Teaser)
    Baretta Love

  93. Same LP (Teaser)

  94. Psychosomatic EP
    The Gaggers

  95. Recharged Rejects EP
    Dime Runner

  96. Mini LP (Teaser)
    The Nazi Dogs

  97. Johnny Thunders Lived In Leeds EP
    Cyanide Pills


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